Friday, 18 January 2013

Preliminary Task: Photoshop (college magazine)

The final cover I created for my preliminary college magazine:
The layout of the cover is much the same as my flat plan idea, although I decided to leave out some of the text I had planned, because I thought this would make the cover look too cluttered and would take away from the simplistic example I was going for.
I decided to use a quirky, yet simple and readable font, so as to appeal to the target audience, and, also due to the genre of the magazine, I placed an image of a student central to the piece.
I chose the colour scheme - red, white and black - so as to keep in tune with what was most common, as I thought this would be my safest bet to begin with. Although, my model was standing in front of a grey background when I took this photo, and so I decided to keep this as an extra colour tone, as I thought it pulled away from the common look slightly but still looked professional. Due to what the model is wearing, however, I don't think the colours I have used for certain pieces of texts are suitable and clear, and so this is something I can learn from and will have to be aware of in the future.
The final contents page I created for my preliminary college magazine:

The layout of the contents page is a lot different to what my first ideas were, as you can see from my flat plan. This was mainly due to the fact that I had not taken enough photos to begin with, and so I could not go through with what I originally had planned. I feel that the contents page does not look too different from its front cover, however, and is once again simple in its layout, and so this was not a complete loss. Next time, I would place the text differently, as it is obscuring the image from the reader's view slightly, but due to my lack of Photoshop skills at present, I had to use this photo for the background of the whole page, and so there was not much room to place the text accordingly.
I kept the colour scheme the same, which I think works well, but some of the text is barely visible, as before, and so I would have to think more clearly about this next time.

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